Rosemount dementia care praise

Staff at Rosemount Care Home in Whitley Bay have achieved accreditation to provide a pioneering new approach to caring for people living with dementia.

Sunday, 11th February 2018, 7:00 am
Rosemount Care Home

The new approach, the Dementia Care Framework, uses advanced technology to help monitor people with dementia so that care can be adjusted to their changing needs.

All staff in the home undergo specialist dementia care training including a simulated experience of what it is like to live with the condition, to increase understanding and empathy.

Rosemount is part of Four Seasons Health Care, which spent two years developing and testing the new approach.

The care teams use an exclusive information technology-based care audit system to help them to create and continuously update a comprehensive picture of each resident’s physical, psychological and emotional condition and their day-to-day experience, so that their care and support needs can be met.

Its purpose-designed software programme is thought to be the first of its type worldwide.

Dr Claire Royston, group medical director for Four Seasons Health Care, said: “This is a new generation of dementia care. Sadly, we know that in the absence of a clinical cure, it is a progressive condition, but with the right support the effects of dementia progression can be slowed.”