Rotary asked to bring in younger members

The Rotary Club of Tynemouth members welcomed the organisation’s district governor to a recent meeting.

Terry Long, who represents Alnwick Rotary Club, was welcomed by Tynemouth group president Archie McGlynn.

Mr Long gave a talk outlining his aims for his year of office and the need for Rotary to move forward in the computer age and encourage younger members to join with innovative new ideas.

He said this could mean changing the way that a club is run from the way it always has been.

He congratulated the club and its members on the friendliness and camaraderie, which he said was obvious within the club, and the way that the club had used the press to show the public the many activities, including fundraising, that had been taken on by the club’s members.

Mr Long’s talk was preceded by a presentation on the new Rotary membership and a film put together by David Milligan, the club secretary.