RUBBISH: Bins were overflowing

Whitley Bay Seafront'Spanish City'Picture by Jane Coltman
Whitley Bay Seafront'Spanish City'Picture by Jane Coltman

What has happened to North Tyneside Council regarding the bins on Whitley Bay sea front next to the Spanish City?

I was embarrassed during the Easter holidays when I took family for a lovely walk to notice that from Good Friday until the following Tuesday the bins hadn’t been emptied. I know this is a holiday period, but isn’t that when we have more visitors and there is always more rubbish?

The last time I looked, they still hadn’t been emptied, and the rubbish is still down the stairs, on the beach and on the grass, plus broken glass.

Since the work started on Watts Slope it seems that the council doesn’t go down there. However, it should still have a number of bins that it should be cleaning.

I did notify the council regarding this, but as yet nothing has been done about it.

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