RUBBISH: Keep cartons away from gulls

We, the Marine Conservation Society, had a good beach clean at Tynemouth Long Sands on Sunday, September 29.

Some 20 people, many children with parents, turned up to help and I’d like to thank all of them.

But there is one piece of advice given to me by one of the beach wardens, which I’d like to pass on to readers. He said that polystyrene chip cartons were usually put into open bins by members of the public, which was better than leaving them on the ground.

But the problem is that seagulls pull cartons out of the bins and peck them to bits, leaving the ground strewn with pieces of polystyrene.

He asked that instead that people put their chip cartons into green wheelie bins, which have lids. There are several of these near the café.

Polystyrene is the scourge of the seas at present, killing both marine life and seabirds, such as albatrosses, petrels and penguins, which snap up small pieces of polystyrene, thinking it’s plankton.

Malcolm Scott

Whitley Bay