Rubbish on beach presents a danger

I write to you as a dog walker who uses Long Sands every day of the year to exercise my pet.

Throughout the summer the beach is halved and I amongst most use the north end and religiously clean up after our own dogs and others.

The tractor keeps the beach presentable for the tourists and any rubbish left is generally dealt with effectively by the council.

It then turns to autumn and we look forward to being able to use the whole stretch of beach and not have to worry about our pets venturing passed ‘the post’.

But we are met with an unkept beach with numerous (20-plus picked up this morning) fishing hooks with metres of line attached, providing a huge hazard to dogs and any child who may pick one up.

The rubbish that is washed up is all left, and again presents a danger to anybody using the beach as well as it being unsightly.

It is such a shame that the people who live in our area and use our beaches in every season and all weathers aren’t as well thought of as those who visit us on the warmest days of the year and leave after a day out.

Lynn Bowles

North Shields