RUBBISH: Spoiling the whole area

With the completion of the Spanish City and promenade, it is great credit to Norma Redfearn and the council that it is a very desirable and pleasant part of the town to go for an early morning walk, as was the case one Sunday morning.

Saturday, 15th September 2018, 6:39 am

My wife began picking up plastic bottles and putting them in bins.

A council street-sweeper appeared beside The Rex, cleaning the gutters. Well done, finally getting on top of the litter problem.

Unfortunately, it left a lot of rubbish outside a business. I mentioned this to the workers because it would be blown around the area just cleaned, but I was informed that as it was private property they could do nothing about it.

Why let businesses run down what is an obvious asset to the town?

Other premises nearby had people sweeping litter from the frontage of their properties.

The rubbish bins are not fit for purpose by being too small and easily entered by seagulls to scatter chip cartons. There is also a lack of bins.

Come on North Tyneside Council, do something extra.

Sure, dog owners are clearing up after their pets fouling on the new paving, but the residue left behind is disgusting and a health hazard. I feel sorry for pushchair and wheelchair users having to negotiate through the spread of excrement.

What is the matter with the gutter where they used to go?

Mr C Carter

West Monkseaton