Rugby is already women friendly

I am amazed that Mary Glindon, MP, believes that rugby should follow the example of football in supposedly making the sport more family/women friendly (Window on Westminster, September 11).

Where has she been for the past five to ten years?

Certainly here in the north east, women have been readily welcomed into rugby matches/clubhouses etc for some considerable time, and treated with far more respect than at football games.

There is also no segregation of supporters at rugby matches as these supporters, many of whom are players and ex-players, men and women, behave in an exemplary manner showing respect to not only the ladies present but also opposing supporters, the players and officials, something football could certainly adopt in cleaning up its game.

For many years now, on a Sunday morning at Whitley Bay Rockcliff Rugby Club there have been up to 200 children, both boys and girls, from the age of four, enjoying the healthy benefits of training, playing rugby, within their own age group and experiencing the discipline and character building necessary in rugby.

The same facilities can be found at many other rugby clubs in North Tyneside and beyond, provided by a host of volunteers.

Indeed Ms Glindon only has to ask her colleagues, Alan Campbell, MP, or Coun Janet Hunter of these facilities, having seen the enjoyment of all of the children during their previous visits to Rockcliff RFC.

Jim Routledge

Whitley Bay