Rusting railings left on the rocks

I regularly walk along Whitley promenade between Victoria Avenue and Windsor Terrace.

For those of you who don’t know this part of the prom, it’s the bit with torn Tarmac and concrete, piles of rubble and a disused paddling pool.

I was very pleased that last year the council repaired the part of the sea wall here that had fallen into the sea and replaced all the decrepit old railings with new ones.

They could have gone further and done something about the paddling pool etc, but at least it was something.

I was therefore dismayed recently when looking out to sea at low tide to notice that the rocks below were strewn with old railings and concrete blocks. It looked awful.

When the repair work was being done, it obviously wasn’t considered necessary to clear away the mess.

If a person litters the street or a dog-walker fails to pick up dog’s mess, they can be fined. And rightly so.

What do we do about a council that thinks it acceptable to leave old rusting railings covering our beautiful rock formations?

Steve Clark

Whitley Bay