SAFETY: Remedial action on road is overdue

Millview Drive, Tynemouth, will soon be blessed with access ramps for wheelchairs coming onto or off side roads. One wonders whether this laudable innovation was initiated by North Tyneside Council or central government, and who provided the funds?

This will, of course, help many infirm people. One can only hope that the council will consider other points where remedial action is long overdue, in particular the pavements which are badly cracked by countless cars and commercial vehicles parking on them, compelling the elderly and infirm to avoid the risk of tripping by walking on the road.

This is a serious hazard in Millview Drive, a narrow road which, although clearly marked as a 20mph zone, serves as a shortcut between Beach Road and King Edward Road. A large proportion of motorists drive at speeds far in excess of 20mph, sometimes at 50mph or more. Gone are the days, alas, when kiddies could safely play on the roads.

Repeated complaints to the council regarding the cracked pavements and speeding go unheeded, although it never tires of informing us that it is creating a virtual paradise on earth for those fortunate enough to be in its care.

When work on the access points is completed it will be of interest to see what transpires at the junction of Millview Drive and Dene Road.

This is a particularly dangerous spot, since most of the traffic along Millview Drive turns into Dene Road, and, of course, vice versa.

Cars parked on Dene Road near to the junction render it a blind spot. There are cars which actually park on the corner, and some cars park on the pavement at this spot.

I spent several months petitioning my ward councillor to have ‘No Parking’ signs fitted at this corner, with no result to date.

Douglas Fulthorpe

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