Sand will return to the borough beach

The beach at the south end of Whitley Bay will return. It always does.

In the late 1940s or early 1950s, the beach vanished completely. There was no sand anywhere, just pebbles and the underlying rock formations.

At the time, Whitley Bay was a thriving holiday resort, crammed with tourists during July and August.

The effect of the vanished beach can be imagined. It stayed like that for about two years, I seem to remember.

Today, the sand that was at the southern end is at the north. In fact, the northern end of the beach extends farther north than I can ever remember.

There used to be big sand dunes piled against the boulder clay cliffs along there, beside the miniature golf course, but they disappeared long ago.

There is just a hint that they may be returning, but only aboutsix or eight feet high at the moment.

But the sandy beach itself is a variable feast. Keep the faith.

Maurice Hardaker

Whitley Bay