Santa visits children’s ward on Christmas Day

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Parents of children unfortunate enough to have to spend time in hospital were able to cross one worry off their list this year when charity champions came to their rescue.

Trustees of local charity Angels of the North filled 40 emergency care bags for the Children’s Ward at North Tyneside General Hospital to give to parents of children admitted in an emergency.

The bags were filled with essentials such as soap, showergel, showercap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloth etc. that the charity had bought from local stores at specially discounted prices.

Santa Claus accompanied officials of Angels of the North when they delivered the filled bags and a large supply of new toys to the Children’s Ward on Christmas Day.

Presenting the goods to staff at the Children’s Ward, Angels of the North’s chairman Hari Shukla said: “It was a great pleasure to make these donations on Christmas Day. I know that the care packs help to relieve the panic and stress facing parents who do not have the chance to pack an overnight bag. The young patients are delighted to receive the new toys as well.”

The charity’s honorary chief executive officer Barbara Connors-Fowler said: “Angels of the North is in the very fortunate position to donate thousands of new toys to local good causes every year because of its partnership with Disney.
“This year we have also obtained a large supply of top quality new cuddly toys from local sources which are being similarly distributed. The teddy bears and soft toys are given to the children to take home with them when they are discharged from hospital and the other toys remain on the Children’s Ward for the future enjoyment of young patients.”