Saved from attack by a vicious dog

While out having a quiet walk with my dog last Thursday evening (March 6,) my dog was attacked by a brown Staffordshire Bull Terrier at the top of Preston Avenue outside the nursery.

This vicious dog had no collar, lead or owner to be seen.

Unable to deter this nasty feature from jumping on my dog, I made a dash for home with the dog in pursuit.

Seeing my distress and hearing my screams as I ran along Preston Road, a very kind, brave gentleman came to the rescue.

He picked my dog up and carried her safely to my home while the Staffie jumped up at him all the way trying to get to my dog.

Although I thanked him on the day I do not know his name. I would like to say thank you again, you really saved the day.

Luckily my dog and I are both OK but it could so easily have turned out different.

Someone in the Preston area must know this dog and should feel ashamed that it is harassing unsuspecting members of the public and other dogs.

Angela Gray

Address supplied