Scout group gets donation

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A scout group who were forced to relocate after their building was damaged by flood water, have been given a donation to get them back on their feet.

The 4th Tynemouth scoup group had their meeting place flooded last year, destroying most of their equipment, and forcing them to attend another group’s headquarters while repairs were carried out.

But this week, a cheque for £1,000 was given to the group, by staff and regulars at The Sportsman pub.

Isobel Storey, landlady at The Sportsman, said: “We held a raffle but then took it a step further and ran other things to raise money such as a bonus ball draw and domino cards as well as receiving donations from some of our regulars.”

Stephen Thompson, group scout leader at the 4th Tynemouth, said “Isobel and Alan Storey had mentioned last year they were going to try and raise some money for us to get some repairs done, which was great news, but this was a complete surprise.

“We had no idea they were trying to get as much money as they have.

“We are extremely grateful to all of the staff and customers who have helped us so much.”

Now that the repairs to the building have been carried out, the money raised at The Sportsman will be used to replace some of the equipment that was lost in the floods.

Thanks to donations such as this and others, Tynemouth Scouts were able to continue providing everyday adventure to young people all across North Tyneside.

Visit or email for more information about the group.