Sculpture would bring interest to area

I WOULD like to comment on the proposed sculpture for the Tynemouth Mermaid. What a perfect idea.

A mermaid sculpture to be seen on the rocks is something that to me would be a wonderful way of bringing interest to our area.

Mermaids appeal to all ages. I remember as a child my sisters and I spent many happy hours playing on the beach and we were actually mermaids on more than one occasion.

I really do hope this project goes ahead as I feel that it would be something positive in the area that we could all be so proud of and therefore bringing with it fresh interest to the local businesses.

The local business community could back this project as I’m sure children and adults alike would find it of interest.

We have some of the most beautiful beaches in England in our area and what better way to show them off and bring new interest than in this way.

Think big. Look what the Angel did for Gateshead. Good luck.


Whitley Bay