SEAFRONT: Mayor appears to have changed tune

This is what current North Tyneside Council mayor Norna Redfearn said on her Facebook page on August 27, 2012,

“I have followed with interest the recent story of the redevelopment of the derelict outdoor swimming pool site in Tynemouth,” she wrote.

“Tory mayor Linda Arkley had been promoting a scheme to turn it into an arena for cultural and recreational use as part of a wider £4.5m bid to the Coastal Communities Fund. This scheme floundered in the face of opposition from a local group who want to see the site restored as a swimming pool. I’m afraid this sorry episode is symptomatic of the unlistening way the council is now appearing to go about its business under Mayor Arkley’s leadership.

“If she could bring herself to consult properly with people, she wouldn’t have been faced with a humiliating climbdown when the coastal fund manager, having become aware of local objections, told the authority to remove the pool element from its bid.

“This is what happens when you don’t listen to people until it’s too late.

“Like everyone else, I would like to see something happen to our old outdoor pool.

“Let’s work with local people, not arrogantly dismiss them, to find a way to produce a viable scheme for the site that everyone can get behind.”

When did the mayor change her mind about the value of listening to local opinion? In this case, I’m talking about Whitley Bay’s central lower prom, the new poor relation.

I really need to know – is it all just politics and saying what it takes to get elected or are you really listening to local residents?

Oh, and yes I did vote for you. I’ve been a staunch Labour supporter all my life. Sadly, at the moment, I’m regretting my choice.

Mo Claydon

Whitley Bay