Search to return war letter to local family

A search has begun to return a heartfelt Second World War correspondence to the rightful family.

Joyce Wise is hoping to find the relatives of a woman who wrote to her father-in-law during the Second World War.

“My father-in-law Harry Wise was stationed in India during the second world war and he became close to an officer called Ken that he was batman for,” she said.

“Sadly Ken was killed in action, and his fiancee wrote an extremely moving letter to my father-in-law, which I think should be returned to the family, if we can find them.”

Harry received the letter from Mary Wallace, of Chollerford Avenue, Whitley Bay, on March 3, 1945, thanking him for his kind words about her fiance.

The letter reads: “It’s comforting to hear you say such nice things about Ken, because it makes me so proud of him.

“I was devoted to Ken, and these years of separation have been agony.

“I have lived only for his return ad I feel that my life has been shattered.”

The letter goes on to ask Harry for any information about Ken’s death.

Sadly Harry Wise died recently, and now Mrs Wise is keen to send the letter to any relatives of the fiancee.

“My father-in-law passed away and it was in his belongings. It is such a beautiful letter, I feel that I need to try and trace the family and return it to where it should be,” said Mrs Wise.

“She was so devoted to him, I wonder if she ever married.

“I am hoping that there is someone still living in Whitley Bay who knew her and would like the letter.”

Anyone who may know of a connection can call Joyce on (01492) 581545.