Shameful scene at the war memorial

While the mayor and other local politicians took full advantage of the photo-opportunity presented in North Shields last week during the ceremony to mark the 100-year anniversary of the start of the First World War, the real photo that should haunt and shame these individuals is that published in last’s week’s News Guardian showing the disgraceful state of the War Memorial at Shiremoor.

How thoroughly depressing that those in charge of this solemn event can’t ensure that the sanctity of a local war memorial is maintained, particularly during this centenary year.

Even more depressing was the response by North Tyneside Council to blame their partners, Kier, only for Kier thereafter to place the blame on their contractor.

The tragic loss of countless brave men and women in the First World War was attributed by many historians as a result of lions being led by donkeys.

I fear such remains active in North Tyneside.

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