Show support for our small businesses

As shopping intensifies in the run up to Christmas, let’s give a big cheer to small businesses that make our high streets different and better. We can start with this week’s Small Business Saturday and the call to ‘shop small’.

This is a grass-roots campaign to encourage people to shop locally and back small, independent businesses. It has already encouraged millions more people to visit their local shops. And over half a billion pounds of extra trade went to small firms last year.

This is good news all round. It keeps businesses afloat in choppy economic waters. It encourages them to link together, and also creates a business buzz about entrepreneurship and people starting up companies.

I want to back risk takers and wealth creators by helping ease the challenges they face on issues like access to finance and late payments.

Partnership between businesses, entrepreneurs and workers can help create a stronger economy.

If any local small business owners are interested in promoting their business as part of the celebrations then please see for more information and ideas.

Small businesses in North Tyneside add to the character of the town and create jobs. We surely don’t want all our high streets to look the same and need distinctive shops that serve real needs.

Let’s back our small businesses on December 5.