Sign signalling ‘short-cut’ seems to be missing

I WONDER if your readers would be able to help me with a search for a couple of missing items?

Is there a sign somewhere in Whitley Bay or Monkseaton which says Kingsley Avenue should be considered the major thoroughfare between the two areas?

Judging from the ridiculous amount of traffic I’m guessing it’s there somewhere.

As a resident of Kingsley Avenue it can sometimes take me up to three minutes in the morning to get my car off the drive due to traffic.

Feel free to sit in your stationary vehicle for 120 seconds and imagine how you would enjoy the stream of non resident ‘short-cut’ traffic trapping you.

Also, while I and other residents of the street are grateful for the 20mph signs, the heavy flow of through traffic appears unconcerned.

Perhaps there is another sign that says feel free to use the street to recreate the Grand Prix?