Signage needs improving to avoid car parking tickets

AFTER a visit to Whitley Bay for our holiday, I am afraid we will not be visiting ever again.

It is surprising that in these hard times that North Tyneside Council is doing its best to upset tourists with draconian rules and poor signage with regards to parking.

Our first ever holiday visit to Whitley Bay resulted in a parking fine.

By no means were we trying to dodge what would have equated to a £1 parking fee – we were in fact a victim of being unfamiliar with the area and also of the poor signage.

An impulse stop to use the new water park has resulted in a ticket/fine.

We approached Park Avenue (that is a one-way road) from the main road (quite a sharp right hand curve) and found a parking bay directly at the water park entrance, opposite the park sign informing us that this was a new facility.

We read this main park sign, along with the yellow sign on the fence, and then proceeded into the park – after approximately ten minutes we were shocked to see a ticket being placed on the car.

We spoke with the parking attendant who informed us it was a permit area and we should have bought a parking ticket from further up the road.

When questioned about the signage we were taken to the first sign almost on the bend at the approach to Park Avenue then were told there was another sign and meter at the top of the road.

We tried to appeal against the ticket to the local authority but the council was having non of it.

We found it unfair as:

n The first sign is on a right hand bend at the start of Park Avenue and can easily be missed, especially if in our case the decision to park is made after making the bend and seeing the new park facilities;

n The second sign is at the top of Park Avenue – being one-way you would not see this until you departed;

n No mention of parking was on the main park sign or elsewhere around the park;

n No other notices were present along the avenue to indicate the need to pay and display.

I have paid the ticket now at £35 – an expense, however, it may prove to be more costly to the town in the long run when people decide to stay away in the future.


Meadow Lea

Sutton in Craven

North Yorkshire