Silverlink junction on right road for multi-million pound improvements – Video

Plans for a major redevelopment of Silverlink junction in 2015 are under way, with the work expected to provide a big boost to the local economy.

The Department of Transport has named the multi-million pound road scheme - which is seen as key to the future economic growth of the North East - as one of six schemes to be progressed nationally over the next three years.

TRANSPORT BOOST ... North Tyneside's elected mayor Linda Arkley at the Silverlink roundabout on the A19.

TRANSPORT BOOST ... North Tyneside's elected mayor Linda Arkley at the Silverlink roundabout on the A19.

This will enable them to be in a position to be implemented in the early years of the next spending review - post 2015.

It is a successful outcome after two-years of lobbying of the government by North Tyneside’s Elected Mayor, Linda Arkley.

She said: “The recent smaller improvement scheme to the junction of the A19 and the Coast Road at the A1058 junction did provide a temporary solution to the congestions issues.

“However, the borough and the wider North East needs to look to the longer-term future and how we are going to cope with increasing demand for improved transport links as we grow our economy in five, ten and more years.

“We have so many opportunities for growing this area through the Enterprise Zone designation along the North Bank of the Tyne and our many business sites across the borough, so we need to know that congestion is not going to be an obstacle to that.”

The A19 - the trunk road linking to the recently opened Tyne Tunnel 2 - currently caters for 38,000 vehicles per day.

And the A1058 from Newcastle to the coast, which goes above the A19, accommodates 52,000 vehicles per day.

The Department of Transport announcement by Roads Minister, Mike Pennington, confirms that the development work on the scheme will focus on designing and consulting on proposals, along with progressing any statutory processes.

Mr Pennington said: “We are committed to tackling congestion, keeping traffic moving and supporting the UK economy, putting in money where it’s most needed and where the public will get a good return on the investment.

”Today, I am confirming development work will be advanced on a further six schemes around the country. This means they will be in a good position to be selected for start of works in the early years in the next spending review.”

The opening of the second Tyne Tunnel, together with the substantial and ongoing growth in employment along the A19 corridor, both north and south of the Tyne is anticipated to increase the use of the route .

Across the North East further demand on the road is expected to grow as a result of the Sunderland section of the enterprise zone and the growth of the electric car development by Nissan.

The A19 is also a link of a wider strategic importance - between the ‘four rivers’ of the North East - The Tees, Wear, Tyne and Blyth - which includes linking both passengers and freight to major ports such as the Port of Tyne and the deep-water container terminal of Teesport; to Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley international airports and to the long-distance rail network.

NewsGuardianTV was at the site today and spoke with Linda Arkley. Click the video above to get her thoughts...