Sink your teeth into the world of sharks

Visitors to a North Tyneside aquarium will be able to sink their teeth into the world of sharks.

Tuesday, 5th July 2016, 7:35 am
A black tip reef shark.

Tynemouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium is holding ‘Shark Week’ until Sunday.

The event is a celebration of the ocean’s ultimate predators and will feature everything from shark workshops to actual shark and ray feeds plus the chance to take home a shark tooth souvenir (Saturday and Sunday only).

As well as going face to face with living members of the shark and ray family ranging from native dogfish and bull huss to tropical stingrays, cow nose rays and black tip reef sharks, visitors will also be able to see baby and juvenile sharks and rays plus get to grips with mermaid’s purses.

And at the weekend younger visitors will have the opportunity to go panning for fossilised shark teeth and take one home as a souvenir.

Shark workshops featuring real shark jaws, skin and teeth will be taking place daily alongside quizzes, talks and feeds.

Blue Reef’s Rosie Wiggin said: ““Sharks remain hugely fascinating and the more you discover about them, the more amazing they become.

“This fun event will provide our visitors with a new insight into the world of the ocean’s ultimate predators.”

For more information call 0191 258 1031 or visit