SIRENS: Doing the job effectively

I have just read yet another complaint about life in the modern world. Is there any end to it?

Sunday, 25th November 2018, 5:06 am

By the time we address dogs on the beach, children riding on the pavements, uneven pavements, cars parked on pavements, et al, we find there are still reasons to complain.

This time it is really special – nee-naas and those blue, flashy things on top of those big, noisy, funny coloured things that rush around.

Nee-naas are actually good for your health; they clear the way so that the big, funny coloured thing that rushes you to hospital gets a clear run through.

The sound and flashing lights help to save other lives as well, not only yours. Sound alerts you to something in a hurry, an emergency coming up behind you, and the lights warn you, if you are deaf, that you should beware and not step off the uneven pavement.

Then there is that other funny, big monster that runs all over the place, horn blaring, on its way to your house that has just caught fire, no involvement with dogs or pavements needed here.

I suppose that over the last three or four years, I could be classed as a ‘frequent flier’, having had need for the ambulance on a number of occasions and the assistance of the other big noisy one, the fire service, for a burst water pipe at 4am on a bank holiday. House inundated. Firemen, really helpful.

So forget the noise and the occasional disturbed sleep and just be thankful that they are doing what they do best, making noises and helping us to live our lives. And, doing it very efficiently.

Now, can we get back to dogs and pavements?

Keith Armstrong

Whitley Bay