SIRENS: Nothing like a war zone

In response to Martin Greene's letter regarding the frequency with which he hears sirens from the North East Ambulance Service, I must strongly disagree, (News Guardian, November 8).

Saturday, 24th November 2018, 5:06 am

Firstly, saying it is like living in a war zone, in my experience, is incorrect. As a former Royal Marines Commando, when on active duty in Afghanistan on the front line I did not once hear sirens during the whole deployment so I am unsure where this comparison has arrived form.

Also how do we know these sirens are from ambulances alone and not other emergency services?

I welcome the sound of sirens and think myself lucky that they are not heading to my family, friends or myself.

I am sure if it was you waiting for an emergency ambulance you would be very welcoming of the sirens being used to allow ambulances to reach you in a timely manor.

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