Site’s geology is protected by law

I was disappointed, if not surprised, that Gary Legg, a prospective UKIP candidate for Tynemouth, was so poorly informed in his recent letter about coastal defence to St Mary’s Island (News Guardian, February 19).

The area he suggests for an extended promenade is actually a nationally important site for its geology and is protected by UK law.

It is also clearly outlined in a number of strategic documents (including the Shoreline Management Strategy), all of which can easily be viewed on the council’s website or by a Google search.

Increased erosion is partially due to the installation of hard defences and the artificial removal of materials such as seaweed, which allow beaches to form more weather resistant shapes.

The very real threat posed by climate change is a much more important subject to be focusing on, and to date no prospective candidate, of any hue, has anything useful to contribute in this regard.

I would hope those who want our vote will do a little bit more research before trying for popular support.

Steve Lowe