Six at meeting for town council

DESPITE a small attendance at the launch of the petition for a new town council in Wallsend, campaigners are still optimistic about the project.

Martin Collins, initiator of the idea, held a meeting in Wallsend People’s Centre to launch the petition to be passed on to North Tyneside Council.

In total, six people were in attendance.

Speaking after the meeting, he said: “It may have been a small turnout, but from little acorns mighty oaks grow, and those who were there endorsed the project whole-heartedly.”

Mr Collins, pictured, believes Wallsend needs a voice that is in touch with the local people.

It was originally planned that the town council would cover the old borough of Wallsend.

But during the meeting the proposed boundaries were raised and amended to include the area up to Whitley Road along to the Rising Sun Country Park and down to the Coast Road.

It would also go as far along the Coast Road to St Peters Road, incorporating some of Holy Cross.

Mr Collins added: “We have a long campaign ahead of us simply to collect the number of signatures needed for North Tyneside Council to start the process.

“We also have work to do persuading the people of Wallsend that this can not only happen, but that it can make a difference.

“Wallsend people have spent so long being ignored by the borough council that a culture of apathy has become apparent.

“This project can break that cycle of apathy.”

North Tyneside Council reiterated the fact that as long as the petition meets statutory criteria, the council is obliged to undertake a community governance review on the matter.

This would include full consultation with residents on the proposal.