Slapstick, magic and laughter

Magic and mystery, acrobatics, music and plenty of laughter '“ that's the recipe for success being cooked up by Cirque Du Hilarious.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 2:59 pm
Panto legends and circus performers Clive Webb and sons Danny Adams and Mick Potts in their big-top tent at Tynemouth for three weeks from August 14th to September 2nd for their Cirque Du Hilarious Magical Mischief Tour 250 years after the circus was born. Picture by Jane Coltman

And the Magical Mystery tour, which is being staged at Tynemouth, inside their aptly named The Laughter Dome Big Top, is the perfect end product.

Hosted by Clive Webb and his son Danny Adams, well known for their presence on stage at Newcastle Theatre Royal’s pantomime, it is a laugh a minute with plenty of slapstick, magic and of course, custard pies.

Danny and Clive are just fantastic and it really is a family affair as Clive’s other son, Mick Potts, joins them for the production, which is being staged until September 2.

If you haven’t already noticed, the big circus tent is pitched next to the Blue Reef Aquarium by Beaconsfield car park.

There are ringside and grandstand seats and while we were ringside, it was a bit difficult for the children sat behind us to see whereas in the grandstand the seats are tiered so theoretically there shouldn’t be an issue.

But on to the show – it really is brilliant. There is plenty of slapstick comedy, some jokes that kids may not understand but the adult’s definitely do, and plenty of good old panto humour.

There are also appearances from other acts, including Vlad from Russia, who balanced his entire weight on one hand, and Orissa Ferry, a Britain’s Got Talent contestant who fire’s a flaming arrow into a target with her foot.

There are pyrotechnics, some real magic that I still can’t work out and even bloopers that add to the atmosphere.

The custard pie scene is probably the most loved, and had by almost six-year-old in absolute stitches.

Clive and Danny’s talents are just effortless, they are brilliant and this show isgoing to be popular. If you haven’t got tickets, get them at