Slimmers are feeling insania

Two Slimming World consultants were left feeling ‘insania’ after attending their organisation’s annual awards.

Joan Orr and Brian Bell got the chance to meet singer and TV presenter Peter Andre when he co-hosted the Slimming World Awards with organisation founder Margaret Miles-Bramwell OBE.

Joan, who runs a group at Foxhunters Sporting Pavilion in North Shields, said the meeting was a great way to start 2015 as they looked to help more people get in shape.

She said: “I’m so proud of all of our members. They’ve lost fantastic amounts of weight throughout 2014, with many of them reaching their target weights and improving their health substantially.”

Brian, who runs a group at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Battle Hill, added: “I truly believe that joining Slimming World is the best way for people to lose weight this January.”

“Getting off to a great start is really important when embarking on a slimming plan; seeing results on the scales and feeling lighter and brighter will motivate people to keep going and achieve their goals.”

Peter said: “At the awards I met lots of people who’ve lost incredible amounts of weight and it has completely transformed their lives – and their families’ lives too.

“They’re eating more healthily and being more active, and so are their families. And every single one of them told me that they couldn’t have made those changes without the support of their Slimming World group and their Consultant, so people like Joan and Brian are clearly very important.”

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