Small workshops for start-up businesses

WE were talking to a woman who visited our stall at Tynemouth Metro station market the other week and she pleaded the case for small workshops to be provided on a small industrial estate near her home in North Shields.

She was talking about workshops for such trades as jewellery-making or surfboard manufacture, small one-person businesses, the type of business it was important to encourage during a recession.

She said there were empty factory buildings on the estate at Beacon Street which could be converted or demolished to make way for small workshops.

Ideally, she said, the workshops should have living space above, a design she had seen recently in Germany.

She said she had spoken to the council about her idea, but with no response.

I have been told that the council does not have any spare money at present for such a development.

The government would say something similar in these days of cuts, and private enterprise, I suspect, would say the same.

However, I have also been told that there are small workshops available at the Fish Quay of a size that would suit a start-up business.

I hope that these will go some way to answering the woman’s appeal.



North Tyneside Friends of the Earth

Whitley Bay