So good they had to name it twice

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THERE’S nothing better than finding a nice place to eat that has it all, and is somewhere you know you will return to.

And that is exactly what I found at The Stonebrook’s Table Table restaurant.

So good they had to name it twice, the restaurant is situated just off the Coast Road in Holystone, just ten miles from Newcastle.

The Stonebrook is a warm and inviting place, and when we arrived it was absolutely packed with diners, which we took as a good sign.

The menu itself was extensive with everything from sharing platters, sandwiches and baguettes, to main meals offering the likes of salads, steaks and pub classics like chilli con carne and lasagne.

I chose the oriental duck parcels with a sticky soy and ginger sauce to start with, and my other half Mitch opted for the dough balls with a selection of dips. Both of which were divine, but the duck parcels, although there was plenty of them, I could have eaten until the cows came home.

For mains I went for the chicken fajitas, which came with more pancakes than you could ever eat and all the trimmings, including a particularly delicious guacamole, and Mitch went with a mixed grill that came on an enormous plate with steak, chicken, sausage and gammon, and what I am reliably informed was an incredible peppercorn sauce.

Despite being completely stuffed, we felt obliged to test out the puddings and opted for the sharing platter, which, at £5.50 has to be the best value for money pudding I have ever seen. On the platter you get to choose three desserts from the menu, and we went with Belgian chocolate truffle ice cream, Belgian waffles and profiteroles, all of which more than definitely hit the spot. As a bit of a pudding connoisseur, I have to admit that it was incredible to find somewhere that offered me three puddings for basically the price of one.

The Stonebrook has a great atmosphere, and the staff are friendly and helpful, and incredibly knowledgeable about their best of British menus. These seasonal menus change every month and offer a range of different drinks and meals using the best of British ingredients available.

The Stonebrook really has everything you could want, and is somewhere I will definitely be returning to, if not just for a pudding.

Call The Stonebrook on 08701 977189 to book your table.