So grateful for help in finding my dog

I would like to thank the people of Monkseaton and Whitley Bay who helped find my dog, Harris.

I do not know all the names of those who helped track him down.

Harris escaped from my friend who was walking him in Crawford Park, Monkseaton, on Thursday, March 27, at 1pm, and was eventually caught by Mrs Anita Wolstenholme at Marden Quarry after 5pm on Friday.

She took him to Ayres Vet Hospital at North Shields – thank you to the kind lady who gave them a lift in her car.

Also Joyce, who networked with many friends and dog owners in Monkseaton and spent hours searching. Rachael, who drove me around Monkseaton to the places Harris had been seen and also put details on Facebook. Samantha, who also put details on Facebook with a picture. Lisa, from Whitley Bay, who went searching at night with a torch, and Lisa from Wallsend, who relayed messages and kept us positive.

Irenee, from Wallsend, who with her red setter tracked him to the field next to the ice rink and stopped traffic to get him safely across. Thanks to all the drivers who stopped or slowed down. The two boys – one possibly named Matthew, who cornered him in the quarry and helped Anita catch him.

Thanks to the duty vet and nurses at Ayres, who tended to him, especially Melissa, who cleaned his bleeding feet and got out the huge burrs from his thick coat. He is still stiff and sore, but is much better.

I am extremely grateful to all those who gave their time and it gives me great hope that since so many people were so kind and helpful that there is still an innate and wonderful spirit alive in this country.

I am an OAP and would not have been able to get Harris without all your help.

Thank you all.

Wendy Raymond