Solution to issue of traffic lights frustration in small hours

I totally sympathise with Mr Fisher who gets frustrated when sitting at red traffic lights in the small hours.

I work shifts and have also been subjected to this frustration, so I would like to offer a solution.

Whilst serving in the RAF I was stationed in Germany on several occasions – in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands – it is common for traffic lights to be switched off during the night, normal Highway Code rules then apply at the roundabout or junction, although the amber light of the traffic lights flashes as a warning to approaching motorists.

This was a great yet simple solution which motorists in those countries just took for granted.

The Highway Code may have to be amended and it will probably incur a cost, but it can be done, and having experienced it first-hand myself I am convinced it would be a great success.

Why don’t we be the first area in the country to adopt this practice?

So North Tyneside traffic planners, what do you think?

Gary Legg

Whitley Bay