Some drivers are ignoring red lights

I see that the debate rumbles on regarding the new traffic light configuration in Earsdon Road.

I agree with most of what is being said, but as a regular user of the Wellfield junction accessing Earsdon Road (the waits even longer there) I’ve watched how drivers have reacted to the lights sequence.

Its quite revealing really as it shows the contempt that regular users have for the lights since more and more are driving straight through the stop signals if there’s not traffic opposing it.

To illustrate: when the main Earsdon Road lights in the Whitley Bay direction change to red, the signal for the slip road into Wellfield changes to green. There’s no traffic opposing the main road traffic so a driver that know the lights are now driving through the red light.

That’s not the only occurrence, but the easiest to describe quickly.

It just goes to show how inappropriate these lights are (the sequence of the lights is only a small part of the real issue) when drivers are willing to take the risk of having points added to their licence.

There is a real issue that needs to be addressed by whoever the authority is, be it the developers or the council.

I’m not sure how to take this forward beyond a debate in this local newspaper but if someone does, I would be willing to add my name to any petitions etc.

J Heron

West Monkseaton