Sorry backdrop to the food fair

Wouldn’t you think that North Tyneside Council would have spruced up the Spanish City Dome for the international food fair this last weekend?

I went on Sunday and the neglect was embarrassing – weeds growing out of the roof at the south end, signs about the redevelopment broken plus the hideous staining on the dome, something which residents were promised would not happen again.

It was a sorry backdrop to the lively stalls and people were commenting how awful it looked.

If politicians had stopped overturning the last lot’s plans, this sorry state of affairs would never have occurred.

The project could have been completed long before the recession and we would have a proud attraction.

I’ve lost count of the proposals for the refurbishment of the dome and seafront in the 30-plus years I’ve lived in the town and am tired of apologising to visitors for the decrepitude.

Like Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, under construction for over 100 years, I don’t believe the seafront will be completed in my lifetime!

Sue Nicholson

Whitley Bay