Special party for Muriel’s 105th birthday

Muriel Gardner celebrates her 105th birthday.
Muriel Gardner celebrates her 105th birthday.

Family and friends gathered from around the world for a special birthday celebration.

An afternoon tea was held at St Anne’s care home in Whitley Bay to celebrate Muriel Gardner’s 105th birthday.

Her family travelled from wide and far to attend, with her sons flying in from Melbourne and Sydney.

As well as cakes provided by the home, there was also presents and a card from the Queen.

Muriel talked about how after a concentration camp in Germany was liberated by the Allied Forces, she ran it for more than two years.

Then there was seeing electricity replace gas lights while horse and carts were replaced by motor vehicles.

Muriel now spends her time completing crosswords while she was keen on bowls, badminton, snooker and table tennis into her 90s.

Her family thanked St Anne’s for a great day.