Speeding cars on slab are a danger

I have just had an email from a friend whose daughter lives in Whitley Bay.

On the evening of April 22, they walked down to seafront for a family walk as it was a pleasant night.

But they had to jump out of the way of two cars racing up from the concrete slab that was the Boardwalk. At least five young lads were in the cars.

The council may wish to put some obstruction down there to avoid this happening.

So obviously, this is now being used as an unofficial car park and, by the sounds of it, someone is going to be injured.

Fortunately, they are young and fit, but if they got an elderly, infirm person, they would not stand a chance.

Another reason why the Boardwalk should have stayed and we would still have our beach café.

The empty space looks absolutely dreadful.

Pamela Hood

Whitley Bay