SPEEDING: Limit should be increased

Our council is monitoring the speed of traffic in Earsdon Road, Earsdon dual carriageway and Shiremoor bypass, using a method that I believe is subcontracted at council taxpayers' expense, to achieve what exactly?

Friday, 19th October 2018, 6:16 am

You just need to stand at the location of the apparatus to determine the volume of traffic exceeding the speed limit.

In Earsdon Road the amount is relatively low, with two sets of traffic lights and a roundabout to contend with.

It increases on the next stretch of dual carriageway towards Shiremoor, which is downhill and was a 50mph limit until the new bypass was opened.

Finally, on the bypass itself, the level of speeding increases significantly in both directions, especially between the Earsdon View and Backworth roundabouts.

So assuming the electronic monitoring confirms this layman’s opinion what will the council do?

Reduce the speed limit and increase speeding? Press for speed cameras without any hope of installing them? Will it actively and continuously police the existing limits?

What it needs to do is accept that this is a main commuter route and impose a reasonable speed limit of 50mph between the Earsdon and Backworth roundabouts, and accept that there will always be some drivers who will ignore any speed limits.

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