SPEEDING: Need for a fixed camera

I write with reference to speeding along the seafront at Whitley Bay, between the Briar Dene pub and St Mary's lighthouse.

Thursday, 13th September 2018, 10:40 am
Updated Thursday, 13th September 2018, 10:42 am

Several letters have been published asking why the police have been monitoring this section of road when there are other roads in the area, namely the Shiremoor bypass, where speeding is also prevalent, (News Guardian, August 23).

Traffic travelling north along the seafront from Tynemouth is restricted to one lane either way. This often results in long queues of traffic.

When it gets to the Briar Dene, the road changes to a duel carriageway and this allows overtaking.

However, now that the speed limit has been reduced to 30mph, in theory if the vehicle at the front of the traffic is driving at 30mph, then every vehicle that performs an overtaking manoeuvre is breaking the speed limit.

Also, this gives the ‘boy racers’, and I include motorcyclists, a chance to show off and hit speeds in excess of 70mph, before having to violently brake before the sharp left bend by the cemetery.

You only have to sit in the front room of any of the houses that look out to sea along that area, especially in the evening, and you can hear the sound of motor vehicles racing along that stretch of road.

The answer surely must be for a permanent fixed speed camera situated just before you get to the cemetery, say opposite the miniature golf course on the west side of the road, facing south.

For some this may be considered as just another cash cow, but I believe once word gets out that dozens – and I think that would be an underestimate – of speeding fines have been issued, then the speeding problem may finally be addressed.

A Mills