SPEEDING: Re-focus the attention

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Driving from Briardene to Seaton Sluice, I passed a police camera van on the pavement.

Being aware of the revised speed limit of 30mph, I didn’t get my picture taken. However, it made me think that while some checking of road speed is welcome, that stretch is hardly likely to offer much to the ‘boy racer’.

I can think of one stretch of road where a camera, mobile or static, would be overworked. I refer to the A186 dual carriageway between Earsdon and Shiremoor.

The speed restriction is 40mph. Judging by the speed of certain cars, a few conclusions come to mind.

Either drivers haven’t seen the signs (doubtful); they have seen the signs, but can’t read (doubtful); they have seen and read the signs and think it doesn’t apply to them (possible); they ignore all signs, regarding them as being an infringement of their civil liberty.

Maybe Northumbria Police could pay fewer camera visits to Lynn Road and Norham Road and pay a visit to the A186 to make a few people reconsider their attitude.

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