SPEEDING: Signage is not clear

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I am not surprised that motorists are exceeding the 30mph speed limit between the Briardene pub and the entrance to Whitley Bay Holiday Park.

For decades the speed limit for this stretch of road has been 40mph. When the new limit was enforced, the 40mph sign heading north, near the pub, was removed and a rickety, self-standing, 30mph sign was erected on the central reservation.

Heading south from Old Hartley, after turning sharp left around the holiday park, there is only one 30mph sign where the new speed limit starts, which is obliterated by foliage. It is impossible to see it. Motorists are not psychic.

In a perfect world motorists should be aware that when heading north in a 30mph speed limit onto the dual carriageway the speed limit continues until advised otherwise, but we do not live in a perfect world, and as the new limit is to save lives extra effort must be made with signage.

There needs to be clear, permanent signs erected and a 30mph painted sign on the road each way where the new speed limit has been implemented.

Martin Donnelly

Whitley Bay