Staff gear up for a pledge to use a bike

PCSO Kate Graham security marking a bike.
PCSO Kate Graham security marking a bike.

Staff have signed up to a wheelie good pledge to use their bikes more.

Cobalt Business Park and its occupiers have signed up to support Cycle to Work Day on Thursday, September 3.

The national event aims to encourage everyone to cycle to work for just one day, with numerous events taking place on Cobalt including free bikers’ breakfasts.

Cobalt Park already runs initiatives for cyclists, including a monthly Cobalt Cycle hub which includes a free bike check.

Lynn Cramman, business development manager at Cobalt Park, said “Cycle to Work day is a great opportunity to encourage the workforce at Cobalt to travel sustainably.

“Cycling to work is great for health, saves you money on travel and is a great way to de-stress at the end of a long day.

“We are suggesting if you don’t normally cycle, why not hit the streets on September 3, feeling safe in the knowledge that you’ll be one of thousands experimenting with two wheels and riding to work that day.”