Staff help work of Foundation

Maddie Simpson in The Bubble Unit trying out one of the specialist chairs funded by P&G.
Maddie Simpson in The Bubble Unit trying out one of the specialist chairs funded by P&G.

A leading business has donated thousands of pounds to support children suffering from severe immune deficiencies.

Over the last two years, staff at Procter & Gamble Cobalt’s base have raised £30,000 for The Bubble Foundation.

The money is being used to buy equipment and items to help children at the Great North Children’s Hospital bone marrow transplant unit.

The team at P&G took part in a variety of fundraising events including product sales to employees on site, seasonal events, raffles, quizzes, cake sales and a silent auction.

Andy Sherwood, who co-ordinated the P&G fundraising, said: “The Bubble Foundation is an amazing charity.

“Our whole team has a say in which charities we support and it was clear that everyone felt an emotional connection to The Bubble. The fact that it’s a local charity but the work it does effects people around the world is really special.”

“It’s also aimed at babies and young children who have all faced serious illnesses.

“For us, it was all about raising money so we could help those children have a better experience.

“Keeping their spirits up and helping them enjoy themselves wherever possible is really important and if we can make a difference to just a couple of young lives, it will all have been worth it.”

Some of the money raised is now being used to purchase a range of specialist chairs for the rooms. The chairs are comfortable, manoeuvrable and can be easily sterilised and cleaned down.

They will support families so parents can stay in the rooms along with their children, sit next to them whilst they’re having their treatment and enable them to sleep there should the need arise.

The children currently undergoing treatment on the ward have been testing out the chairs and the feedback has been really positive.

Gill Johnston, fundraising manager for The Bubble Foundation, said: “We’re incredibly grateful to Procter & Gamble for its support. It’s great to be able to put the money to such good use and purchase things that help the families during their stay on the unit.”

The Bubble Foundation provides state-of-the-art medical equipment, games and activities for children living on the ward and funds research into causes, treatments and better outcomes for sufferers of Primary Immune Deficiencies (PIDs).

During a typical stay on the unit, youngsters live, often for months at a time, in sterile isolation – known as a ‘bubble’ of clean air – where they are protected against any bugs and bacteria, which can be fatal.

It is down to the team, activities, toys and games on the ward to keep their spirits up and help make life as normal as possible.

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