Station perfect for wonderful events

Once again North Tyneside Council has come up trumps this year with a month long series of weekday events unique in a huge all weather venue, namely Tynemouth Station.

The activities they staged this year catered for babies and toddlers up to our silver-haired citizens and every age in between.

These activities included mind games like chess and drafts, as well as a display of birds of prey, plus a Harry Potter themed roadshow and petting zoo with small animals.

My own preference is jazz, for it reminds me of my youth, when I can dance again in free abandonment as I could when I was an art student many years ago.

Last year we had a week of jazz, but this time around it was two weeks, which was great.

It is fantastic that the council has provided entertainment for this older age group of which I am a part.

The station is the ideal venue for jazz for the acoustics are near perfect for this kind of music.

There is no need for the masses of amplification which is needed by rock bands. Only electricity and a microphone for the singers is required.

All the bands really enjoy playing in the station and would welcome the opportunity to come more often.

Perhaps a jazz club could be organised in the station during the summer months - I suggest one day a week between May and September. Suggestions please.

Over the winter months it can be too cold and the musicians’ fingers may suffer.

Having originally started life as railway station for the NER in 1882, and now continuing in this role as a Metro station, but on a very, very reduced scale, it has now risen phoenix like as a perfect music venue - a remarkable transformation from its days of near dereliction, when we fought for 30 years (from 1981 to be precise) for it to be saved.

It was finally restored in full and saved for posterity in 2012.

Our thanks to English Heritage, the Sea Change Grant, (introduced by the previous Labour government), Station Developments Ltd, Nexus and our council, as well as everyone else who fought the good fight.

I am now waiting for next year’s summer, when I hope the council will once again be able to stage a month long weekday Summer Festival in the one and only Tynemouth Station.

Ylana First MBE