Still no light at the end of the tunnel

There are fewer letters of objection to those traffic lights in West Monkseaton each week now, but the objections remain and the wasted time and fuel continues to mount.

The lights have been tweaked and only turn red every 90 seconds now – so the traffic is only stopped 40 times an hour, rather than 72 times.

It’s still 40 times too many.

Despite the remarks from the cyclist, it appears no one is actually in favour of them, and that the planning inspector is accountable.

I wonder where the inspector lives, and if they actually use that road?

As that decision was based on speculation / hypothesis, I wonder if the inspector could be asked to reconsider that decision in the light of facts?

Further consideration might be accorded to the pulse of traffic when the lights turn green, which extends far beyond the dual carriageway: instead of a steady flow of vehicles, we get the same frustrating effect one sees on busy motorways when traffic stops and starts for no reason.

Except that here there is no reason – but the annoyance is by design.

Also, although ‘someone else’ has paid for these lights, I wonder who will pay for their maintenance?

Others have remarked that there seem to be problems in even cutting the grass on the central reservation on that stretch of road; less obvious is the uncovered wiring associated with the lights on the pedestrian controlled crossing on the southern end of that stretch of road.

That has been in need of repair for several months, a situation in no way amealiorated by the blob of Tarmac that recently appeared over the worst part.

If the problem appears beyond the wit of the powers that be to resolve, may I suggest simply tying bin liners over the lights?

Steve Milner

Whitley Bay