Store owner goes viral after changing its name to Morrisinghs

Jel Singh Nagra outside his Morrisinghs store in West Allotment.
Jel Singh Nagra outside his Morrisinghs store in West Allotment.

A store owner has gone viral after catching the eye with his newly named shop.

Jel Singh Nagra has captured headlines around the world after naming his store Morrisinghs – and received backing from Morrisons themselves.

Jel, who has run the convenience store in West Allotment for six years after taking over from his sister’s brother-in-law, had to change the store’s name from Singhsbury’s after receiving a legal complaint from Sainsbury’s.

And now the popular store – which has undergone a refurbishment to boost its offering to customers to include frozen produce, old fashioned sweets and freshly ground coffee – is an international hit.

Speaking to the News Guardian, Jel said: “It’s gone mad.

“I work 91 hours a week here, I see my customers more than my family, and I just wanted to do something to put West Allotment on the map – and I think I have done that.

“Everyone knows Cobalt but no one knows West Allotment.

“When I had a family member fall ill, the love and affection I got from everyone in West Allotment was amazing.”

Jel, who lives in Stockton, said: “The previous sign was a bit close to Sainsbury’s colours and I can see why they took action and we took it down.

“We didn’t have an official name for a couple of years, people either just still called us Singhsbury’s or the postie.

“I’d been thinking up a new name for a year, when I was planning the refurbishment.

“It was just a bit of banter, to get people talking on social media and put the village on the map.

“It has all been a bit crazy, I never expected all of this.

“It’s gone viral. People from all over the world have got in touch.”

At one point on Tuesday, Morrisinghs was the eighth biggest trend on Twitter.

And Jel is having fun in the spotlight, with a local company offering to print branded T-shirts – and some orders have already been placed by customers.

Jel added: “ I don’t know how long this attention will last but when it does die down, hopefully West Allotment will still be remembered.”