Streets and back lanes are treated as dogs’ toilets

WE have a daughter at school in Whitley Bay and consider ourselves lucky that many local children can, and indeed do, walk to and from school – one of the things that attracted us to live in this area.

It is so refreshing to see such a busy school run with children walking, scootering and cycling in the mornings and after school.

During the last six years that we have lived in Whitley Bay there has always been a significant amount of dog dirt on the streets.

However, in recent months it has reached record levels.

This is especially the case in Davison Avenue, which is one of the main thoroughfares for families and others walking to and from the schools, beaches and Waves.

Both sides of the street are now fairly treacherous as they are constantly covered in dog dirt.

This makes a normally pleasant walk into a much less enjoyable journey when everyone has to watch out for, and dodge, the piles of muck.

We are not the only family that is getting increasingly irritated by this and would like to urge all dog owners to please clear up after their animals so that our streets can be safe and pleasurable to walk along.

Also, can we please remind dog owners that this is the case for the back lanes as well as the pavements.

At the moment both areas in our neighbourhood are treated just like dogs’ toilets.


Whitley Bay