Structures at end of natural lives

I am responding to the story regarding the shelters in Whitley Bay (News Guardian, July 3).

We have lived in Whitley Bay for 35 years and since we arrived in 1979 the shelters on the northern promenade have been a problem for the council.

The organisers of the petition states that ‘a lick of paint would make them look nice’ and that ‘they could easily be rejuvenated and do not pose any threat as they are structurally sound’.

I am sure when the council officers meet the petitioners it will be explained that the shelters are very far from being structurally sound and that in fact, due to the serious deterioration of the cast iron roof supports they are becoming a potential danger to the public.

Over the years a lick of paint has been quite often applied only to peel off very quickly due to the damp and crumbling walls.

Unfortunately these shelters have reached the end of their natural lives and I am sure the council would not have decided to demolish them if there was a cost effective way of retaining them.

New seating and much needed lighting will improve the northern promenade and re-opening the fenced off brick shelter, which I am aware the council intend to do, will provide a refuge from the rain adjacent to the blue flag beach.

John Wadsworth

Whitley Bay