Stuart does it by book to raise £500

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FOR most churches, there is only one good book, but that’s not the case for Cullercoats Methodist Church.

The Bible might still be well the reading material of choice for most members of the Broadway church’s congregation, perhaps followed by a favourite hymnal or two, but a couple of other books are also making a favourable impression.

That’s because the novels, called Thule For Christ’s Sake and Brendan and the Great Omission, have raised £500 for church funds.

Both were written by the Reverend Stuart Earl, the church’s minister for the last ten years.

Stuart started writing fiction in 2008, charting the adventures of a Methodist minister called Brendan living in a village called Jact in North Tyneside who decided that God is calling him to do something different.

Thule For Christ’s Sake, published last year, is about a journey Brendan makes from the northernmost end of North America to Cape Horn at the bottom and the people, places and perils he encounters on his travels.

The second, Brendan and the Great Omission, sees the character going on a second journey, this time to every nation in the world.

Stuart, pictured, describes the books as humorous and imaginative, touching on issues such as the future of the church and taking God seriously.

The books, priced at £10.95 and £13.95, are available to buy online at Amazon or Arima Publishing, from Cullercoats Methodist Church’s office any weekday morning or from Stuart, via e-mail, at