Students ‘shown the red card’

A FORMER Newcastle United star has been helping borough students learn all about challenging racism.

TyneMet College students on the ‘Preparing for Employment’ course met with ex-player and now match analyser with Radio Newcastle John Anderson.

He accompanied representatives from Show Racism the Red Card at a talk-in at the college.

At the beginning of the session the students were shown a DVD and asked to write down any questions that they had.

The anti-racism organisation is invited to TyneMet every year to help raise awareness of racism in the community and create actions and measure to minimise any abuse.

Foundation learning teacher at the college, Andrea Cochrane, said: “TyneMet College has a very diverse student population, we have students who attend from over 40 different countries and we deliver provision for learners with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities and also to those who are at risk of missing out on education, employment or training between the ages of 16 and 24, which includes learners with Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

“It is therefore important that organisations such as Show Racism the Red Card continue to engage with schools/colleges and other establishments to get their message across.

“Their educational materials are accessible to teachers and students, and with the support from footballers like John who are introduced as role models to the students, endorses the message and works well.”

Craig Bankhead, Show Racism the Red Card’s education manager, added: “It’s pleasing to see that teachers at TyneMet are proactive in promoting race equality and tackling racism.

“The students are always very keen to engage in our activities.

“Within our workshops they have the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions they may have about people who have a different religion or skin colour. “We look forward to working with the students again next year.”