Students visit London to give talk on racism

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Pupils from the borough have visited London to give a presentation as part of the Show Racism the Red Card campaign.

Seven students from John Spence Community High School travelled to the capital to visit the Houses of Parliament and explain to a group of MPs and sports stars how Show Racism the Red Card had informed their view and changed their thinking about racism, intolerance and the dangers of sitting back and doing nothing.

The students were met at Westminster by MP for Tynemouth, Alan Campbell whotook them into the House of Commons and sat with them as they watched the unfolding debate over the possibility of a third runway at Heathrow.

He helped them understand the procedures of the Commons, the rules and regulations and the roles of certain individuals, as well as telling the students anecdotes about the goings-on of Parliament.

The pupils were then taken to Portcullis House where they were to make their presentation and he was able to stay and watch them speak.

John Spence teacher Karen Yellowley said: “Considering their surroundings and their audience, the John Spence students were remarkably composed.

“They delivered a good humoured, understated but heartfelt presentation. It would be fair to say they charmed their audience who were appreciative of their nerves and the technical difficulties.

“They received the warmest cheer of the day.”

They finished off the visit by getting photographs with the Minister for Sport and the Shadow Minister for Sport, as well as several sports stars.